The Saga of John F., Patient Employee 

John F., a patient in the State Hospital, was hired as a Patient Employee on October 3, 1952. He was promoted to full-time Cook’s Helper upon his discharge from the hospital a month and a half later. He resigned June 30, 1953, giving “Drive truck” as his reason. Hospital administration noted that he was “absent from duty because of his over indulgence in alcohol.” His job performance was otherwise very good, and they would recommend him for re-employment.

And re-employ him they did, several times.

A week after leaving to “drive truck”, he was a Patient Employee again on July 7. He was likely admitted as a patient for alcoholism immediately after resigning. He left the hospital without notice on August 3.

Exactly one month later, on September 3, he was back in the hospital and hired as a Patient Employee. Once again, he left without notice November 4.

John could not keep his demons in check, and was back in the hospital a month later, on December 9. This time, he stayed for treatment for more than 6 months, leaving without notice on June 29, 1954.

This time, he was out of the hospital for a decade. Whether he was sober during that time is beyond the scope of his employee evaluation.

On September 30, 1962, John F. was in the hospital again, and at a point in his treatment where he was trusted in the capacity as a Patient Employee. He was released from the hospital June 26, 1963.

But demons do not go down easy. He was back on September 15, worked for a month, and returned to the ward for more intensive treatment on October 12.

He was advanced enough in his treatment to resume his duties as a Patient Employee on January 5, 1964 (his record lists the year as 1963, though this is likely an error). Then on May 20, he returned to the ward.

No further information exists in John’s file. Whether he conquered his demons or succumbed to them is lost to history - but he never worked in the hospital again.

Vestor | Institutional Attendant | Employed 12.1.1952 | Resigned 11.30.1953

"Personal reasons." (over)

(Admitted drinking beer over the week-end. Was receiving antabuse treatment. Asked by physician to go back on ward for further treatment; refused. Allowed to resign at own request. placed on trial visit for six month’s period.)